Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bring it* on

And they say kids don't get influenced by what they see on TV. I am very excited to hear that cheerleaders have become the latter day vigilantes of our streets, using their skills to mercilessly hunt down wrongdoers. **

OK, it's not quite Buffy (less bloodletting) but give the kids a chance!

I am just hoping that they train a crack white collar crime squad soon. Gimme an O - gimme an F - gimme an F - gimme an S - gimme an E - gimme a T - gimme an A - gimme an L - gimme a P - gimme an I - gimme an N - gimme an E - what does it spell? Insider trading!

Steve Vizard, sleep with one eye open. You ain't dealing with nancyboys anymo'.

** In fact, I am so excited I've finally decided to use pictures.


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