Thursday, August 04, 2005

Young Libs further rethink gender equality

After passing last week's motion to remove the policies instituted by Robert Menzies which promote gender equality, the Young Liberals have further rethought their policies on women.

An anonymous source from the Toorak branch told us today that a new motion to reverse women's suffrage is under consideration.
"Frankly - it'd require some legislative changes, and maybe a plebiscite, but with a majority in the two houses and Australia on our side, we feel that the time is right" our source said.

"All this business about equality is, frankly, tommyrot. As signalled by the affirmative action motion, political involvement should be on the basis of merit (that's why Mr Downer is where he is today). And on the basis of merit, women are well - inferior. It seems like the logical next step."


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