Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Maybe they could make some nice biscuits?

Of course the immigration officials involved in the wrongful deportation of Australian Vivian Alvarez shouldn't testify at the parliamentary inquiry into the affair. Damn straight it might lead to a breach of natural justice, which as we know has always been the lodestar of DIMIA. Also, they are too busy wrongfully deporting other asylum seekers in breach of Court orders.

Still, good to know that Mandy is right behind the inquiry! "I have indicated my department's commitment to assist the committee in any other way," Senator Vanstone said.

Let's just hope helping out doesn't distract the department from the main game of clapping their hands if they believe in fairies and a fair go, which seems to be the preferred methodology for ensuring that justice is meted out these days.


Blogger Jo said...

Mandy's looking a lot better these days, judging by your photo.

1:51 PM  

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