Friday, October 07, 2005

Thanx B 2 God

So, the Bible Society of Australia has converted the Bible into a series of text messages. For only $8,000-ish (equating to roughly 30,000 text messages) you too can make the grand pilgrimage from Genesis to Revelations all in the privacy of your own phone. Apparently, "[t]he idea is that the Bible can be used and be relevant and up-to-date, just like getting a verse of the day or reading a horoscope."

Although the "translation" is apparently faithful to the grammar of the original, it's unclear whether emoticons have been allowed to work their inimitable magic in bringing the meaning of the parables to the fore (smiting down, plagues of locusts and frogs, and turning wives into pillars of salt would just have so much more impact if they were accompanied with a :-()

Those crazy kids. Clearly, the only reason they haven't been reading the Bible is because it doesn't speak their language. Now that religion is down with the yoof, forget about star signs. It's all about Joshua, Judges, Ruth. And surely it's only a matter of time til the church finds instant messaging: "Get out of that X-rated chat room right away and remember - Jesus loves you!"

Here endeth the lesson.


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