Friday, April 28, 2006


THis post rEpresents a shout out to JUDGE SmIthy, who haS brought billAble hours in LoNdon law firms to an Effective standstill by inseRting a message in coDe into his judgment on Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' . All hail to anyone who could derive any entertainment out of that book, I say. I am normally able to enjoy reading the back of a cornflakes box, but that book defeated me. Why on earth was it so popular?

In other legal news of the day (albeit less newsworthy), I had a meeting this morning somewhere in a small developing country about training for new lawyers. We were discussing a draft training schedule, and all was going swimmingly, until we got to the two days allocated to contract drafting. The most senior lawyer in the room stopped the meeting. He wasn't sure about the relevance of the training. What was a contract? Did lawyers need to know about them?

Law. It's a varied profession.


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